12 April 2024

Today we have a special episode guest-hosted by Mykola Yabchenko, digital literacy officer at UNDP Ukraine.  He sat down with Zoriana Stetsiuk and Ruslana Korenchuk, key figures who are driving the Digital Transformation of Ukraine. 

Our guests unpack the Ministry of Digital Transformation’s groundbreaking efforts in transforming public services and enhancing digital skills among Ukrainians. From re-engineering offline services to providing seamless online experiences to pioneering educational initiatives that demystify digital technologies for all, their stories demonstrate Ukraine's approach to digital transformation. 

As women in traditionally men-dominated fields, our guests also share their optimistic views of the state of gender equality in STEM fields.  You don’t want to miss this one! 

The episode is conducted in Ukrainian, but a transcript of the conversation in English is available here.

Ruslana Korenchuk and Zoriana Stetsiuk - On Digital Transformation and Forward Thinking Systems Design in Ukraine