What is STEM4ALL?


STEM4ALL is a joint platform by UNDP and UNICEF Europe, Asia, and the Pacific dedicated to accelerating gender equality and the representation of women and girls in STEM to meet the demands of the future of work in the region. STEM4ALL targets a wide audience from women and girls to policy makers and the private sector. It is a virtual, public space for advocacy, research and news to promote gender equality and inclusion in STEM across the regions and beyond.

Bridging the gender divide in STEM education and careers is vital for gender equality and creating infrastructure, services and solutions that work for people everywhere. In a world where scientific and technological solutions are urgently needed, we need half of the world’s talent. We need women and girls.

The STEM ecosystem


Transforming gender norms is a complex task that requires a coordinated, ecosystem approach – from changing individual and family attitudes and media's portrayal of women and girls in STEM, to reforms in education and labour market policy.

The STEM ecosystem represents the stakeholders who together can help foster a holistic system advancing gender equality.


STEM4ALL is co-created with women, girls and stakeholders from Europe, Asia, and the Pacific globally. User experience has been carried out to ensure all voices are heard and included. UNDP and UNICEF acknowledge all feedback and inputs that have been received to make this platform a reality.