Gulshan, 14 years, Girls in Science Projects, Ak-Orgo Suburb Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Gulshan is in eighth grade and lives in a suburb of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Gulshan’s favorite subjects are mathematics and computer science, and she is inspired by women who have succeeded in STEM – especially Kyrgyz women who hold leadership positions in programming.

Gulshan is part of UNICEF’s Girls in Science project where she has gained skills for the 21st century including STEM and transferable skills like teamwork and collaboration. Gulshan explains her experience from the programme: “It turned me into a more confident person and I learned to find a common language with other people, show empathy for others, and think creatively. Most importantly, now I know what I want to be in the future.”

Although Gulshan and her friends often experience problems with the internet in remote learning courses, Gulshan is approaching her goal step by step: This year, Gulshan has decided to develop her first mobile application! In the future, Gulshan’s goal is to conquer the IT sphere and create robots that will improve people’s lives The message from Gulshan to other girls is clear: “Don’t be afraid of the word STEM! STEM is inspiring, engaging and not scary at all.”

About the programme
Girls in Science engages up to 30,000 girls ages 15-18 so they can excel in STEM and make informed career choices and get more job opportunities. The programme focuses on girls from poor and under-resourced areas in peer training sessions to have the required skills to break cycles of poverty. 500 girls are trained as peer educators and role models for younger girls in their communities.

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