12 May 2023

The AWITA is a unique opportunity to highlight and recognize the ongoing contribution of women in the tech sector.

The time has never been better for women to get into technology, with information technology listed as the most in-demand skills set across multiple industries.

AWITA is an annually organized event by Femmes Digitales to recognize, celebrate and award the female role models, who inspire and lead the movement for more women in tech in Azerbaijan.


Entrants must meet the following criteria to qualify: 

  • The nominee is a woman, or someone who is identified as a woman, who is 18 years of age or older
  • The nominee is a resident of Azerbaijan
  • The winner of previous AWITA AWARDS can’t be nominated for 10 years, excluding the nomination – Employer of the Year
  • The nominee has completed all aspects of the nomination in the submission form
  • The nominee can be nominated only to one category in the submission form
  • Submitted videos can be no longer than 1 minute (not obligatory)
  • All pre-produced materials such as music must be approved for use or license free, or creative commons licensed
  • Entries can be submitted in Azerbaijani / English language for judging
  • Any entries that are deemed to be offensive or culturally insensitive will be disqualified
  • The competition organizers reserve the right to decide on the eligibility of candidates and entries and can move a nominee into another category
  • Each written submission should be 600-1000 words, in case of “Diversity employer of the Year” the submission should be 1000-2500 words
  • Our Judges committee will select 3 finalists per each category.


For more information, visit the official website of the event


The Azerbaijan Women in IT Awards – AWITA