25 April 2024

An event for women and girls!



To mark International Girls in ICT Day, the STEM4ALL platform is hosting a virtual event on April 25, 2024, from 16.00 – 17.00 Istanbul time / 20.00 - 21.00 Bangkok time.  The event is designed for adolescent girls who are at the beginning of their STEM journeys, but all are welcome.  The event will be in English with Russian translation. 

The theme this year is Leadership.  The event will comprise of two different simultaneous 30 minute sessions led by STEMinist Role Models.  Participants can one session to attend in either English or Russian.  Each session is an introductory exploration of the so-called “soft skills” which are core foundations for all kinds of work, but especially for jobs in STEM.  

Topic A:  Skills you can build today for leadership roles in STEM.
This session will explore what it means to be a leader today and why taking chances is good for career growth and inspiration for new ideas in science and technology. Participants will hear about companies started by women and the skills that helped them the most, such as effective communications, negotiation, and critical thinking.  Participants can develop their own plan for making brave moves in their future.

Topic B:  Risks and failure for building self-confidence.
This session aims to provide strategies and exercises to boost self-confidence to be able to assert themselves in traditionally men-dominated fields such as STEM. Role model speakers will share their own experiences taking risks and how those choices led to innovation and leadership roles. Participants can learn how to use failure and setbacks as learning opportunities.  

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Learn what it means to be a leader in STEM.  Connect with women and girls for support to start or nurture your STEM journey. 

Confirmed mentors:
1.  Dr. Aytul Erçil, Partner and co-CEO/chair of the board at Vispera A.S., Türkiye

2. Aigerim Khafizova, EdTech Founder & Consultant, Kazakhstan

3.  Christine Wang, ETHOS ISS Flight Operations Intern at NASA, USA

4.  Yenglik Mellatova, Founder and Head of Student Organization SEDS ENERGO, Kazakhstan

5.  Amina Smagulova, Founder of the Aqylym, Kazakhstan

6.  Alyona Tkachenko, VP of Global Markets Sergek, Kazakhstan

7.  Aigerim Begaliyeva, Senior Program Manager, Beezwax Datatoolds, Inc., USA/Kazakhstan

8. Kuralay Omarova, Asset Management Analyst, Unison, USA/Kazakhstan

9.  Symbat Satybaldiev, Executive director of KG analytics, Kyrgyzstan

10.  Magda Ziółkowska, Senior Specialist Programmer II at AstraZeneca

Moderator:  Anoushka Sinha, Social Entrepreneur & Recipient of the Diana Award


Discover Leadership: Tips you should know to be a good leader in STEM